In state flag of Azerbaijan Republic represents:

Blue color —Turkish origin of Azerbaijan people.

Red color — willing to create modern society, to develop democracy.

Green color— member of Islamic civilization.

Crescent symbolizes islam and the eight-pointed star symbolizes 8 ancient Turkic states.

Azerbaycan State Anthem:

Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!
You are the country of heroes!
We will die so that you might be alive!
We will shed our blood to defend you!
Long live your three-colored banner!
Thousands of people sacrificed their lives
You’re become the field of battles.
Every soldier fighting for you,
Has become a hero.
We pray for your prosperity,
We make sacrifice our lives to you
Our sincere love to you,
Comes from the bottom of our hearts.
To defend your honor,
To hoist your banner,
All the young people are ready.

Glorious motherland,
Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!

Music by: Useyir Hajibayli
Words by: Ahmad Javad

Coat of arms of Azerbaijan Republic

Depicts the Eastern shield, located on the arch of oak branches and spikes. There is an eight-pointed star in the background of the flag of Azerbaijan Republic on the shield, and flame description in the center of the star.

We want to tell you about the traditions and customs of a marvelous land — Azerbaijan, its unique nature, centuries-old culture, history, ancient inhabitants of this region — their life, elements of different cultures and civilizations. Azerbaijan, the capital city of Baku, is the largest country in the Caucasus with its land and sea borders, area and population. Azerbaijan is bordered with Russia (Dagestan) from the North, Georgia to the north-west, Armenia to the west, Turkey to the south west and Iran to the south. It also has sea boundaries with Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Russia. On May 28, 1918, the first democratic parliamentary republic in the Muslim East was Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Even though the Republic’s life spans only 2 years, Muhammad Amin Rasulzadeh and his comrades have fulfilled this challenging historical task honestly at the end of their abilities. The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic has eliminated the race, nationality, religion and class hierarcgt by granting the same rights to all citizens of the country. For the first time in the East and before some European countries, women were given the right to vote in Azerbaijan. The national flag, the anthem and the emblem were accepted, the mother tongue was declared a state language. Thanks to this invaluable activity of the Republic, Azerbaijan was prevented from erasing it from the political map of the world as a state after the Bolshevik invasion of April 1920. On October 18, 1991, when Azerbaijan regained its independence, it declared itself a political and legal successor of the People’s Republic and remained loyal to ancient statehood traditions, and the state symbols of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic were restored. Azerbaijan Republic, declaring its independence by the will of the people, began to operate in very tough conditions. Domestic conflicts and the collapse of the economy have diminished the country. Only in 1993, when the national leader Heydar Aliyev came to power with the demand of the people, Azerbaijan entered the period of development. Thanks to Heydar Aliyev’s rescue mission, the state independence of Azerbaijan Republic was preserved and its 1993-2003 years of power entered as the period of deep reform in the history of Azerbaijan. The national leader Heydar Aliyev’s political line has been successfully continued since 2003 by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. The purposeful work in the field of tourism in the republic in recent years has enabled the state to recognize the existing tourism potential of the country in the international arena, the organization of numerous visits of tourists to Azerbaijan, development of different types of tourism, adoption of legal and statutory acts, development of small and medium business in tourism, purposeful work in the field of modern tourism infrastructure was and is operating.

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